Traffic Accident Legal Advice

Traffic Accident Procedures (Hong Kong Only)

1. Preliminarily determine whether you are at fault, and whether the responsibility lies with the right party (there are pictures and movies, you can send to us and we will help you make a preliminary judgment on who is right or wrong)

1A. Alarm is required, the most effective way to record accidents.

2. Under controllable conditions, try not to move the vehicles on both sides until police officers arrive to deal with and record the location of the vehicles.

2A. If you are forced to move the vehicle, first take pictures and take movies to record the line and position of the vehicles on both sides. The license plates of both parties must be in the mirror. If the situation permits, try to take a few more pictures from far and small angles to protect your own rights

3. After the police arrive at the scene and the records have been completed, they will provide a report number to both parties. At that time, you can choose to leave without rushing to pay the price. Before leaving, it is best for the two parties to exchange contact information to facilitate future follow-up.

4. Even if there is no injury at the scene at the time, you can choose to be admitted to the hospital immediately or observe whether there is any subsequent injury on the body (according to experience, the most likely problem is to twist the waist and neck, and in many traffic accidents, there will be no immediate pain), You have the right to reserve the right to go to the hospital for injury examination, of course not too long, within a week, generally acceptable.

5. Do not sign any settlement agreement. This will only damage your rights and interests in claiming compensation, and may also invalidate the other party’s three guarantees or your own insurance. (referred to as “kicked insurance”)

6. Reconciliation can be done at any point in time, there is no need to rush to reconcile.

7. Inform your insurance company first and request to open a “CLAIM FILE” for preparation. If you open the left, you can not claim, but protect yourself and avoid any changes, and you need to take responsibility. Opening a CLAIM FILE without CLAIM money will basically not affect your NCB.

8. If you are injured due to this traffic accident, you have the right to claim compensation from the third insurance company of the other party, and the insurance company is not allowed to kick the insurance for personal injury claims. Generally speaking, personal injury compensation is calculated based on pain and injury. Medical report + sick days to make calculations. Finally, I suggest finding a law firm to represent all legal documents and all legal procedures. According to legal requirements, lawyers/advocates are absolutely not allowed to divide the compensation.

9. Finaly, hope 0 accident on the road, and everyone drive safety.

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