Braking System Repair

All maintenance procedures are in accordance with the original factory settings and requirements, including using the Torque wrench to tighten each screw to the appropriate poundage and torque according to the factory data, and adding screw fixing glue to each screw to prevent any risk of loosening .

Since TESLA has power recovery assistance, TESLA owners will step on the brakes much less frequently than gasoline vehicles, so the wear and tear of brake pads will generally be slower than traditional gasoline vehicles. Just because the brakes are stepped on less frequently, it is easier to ignore the problem of the brake system.

In most of the cases we have come into contact with the brake pads have been completely worn away, and the brake discs are pitted and damaged, which may cause greater safety hazards. Therefore, we suggest that the brake system should be repaired in a timely manner. Don’t make a big loss because of a small problem. No one can bear the responsibility of causing casualties because of a brake system failure.

It is important to note that the annual inspection of the brake system is also an important part. Many Teslas have been failed because of insufficient brake pads.

Make (UKTESLA) an appointment now for inspection and replacement of brake pads.


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E-BRAKE (Parking Electronic Braking System)

Like many new cars, TESLA uses a P-wave parking system, which uses electricity to rotate the motor to drive the “electronic brake calipers” to tighten to lock the car in place. This is a handmade HAND BRAKE that replaces the transmission car.

And this electronic brake caliper will also involve three major parts:
1. Brake caliper motor (we can provide maintenance)
2. Main Body of Brake Caliper (we can provide maintenance)
3. Electronic brake pads (we can provide maintenance)

And one day when you shifted to D/R gear, you found that your car seemed to be pulled by the rear of the car by HULK, and could not move at all, and the central control instrument showed that the parking gear could not be released, which means that your The electronic brake system has been damaged and needs to be replaced in time. If you are lucky, you can go back and forth P>D>P>D, and have a chance to unlock the electronic brake caliper again, but this problem will appear more and more frequently from time to time, until one day, you keep P>D infinitely Again, the lock cannot be unlocked.

And the most embarrassing situation is when you are locked at a certain entrance and exit, and there is a car beeping behind you asking you to start immediately…

Another problem is the loss of electronic brake pads, which is also a serious wear and tear, which will also damage the brake disces.

UKtesla repair service for Parking brake system

The following are the symptoms of Parking Brake issues: