• The door latch cannot pop out.
  • The door latch cannot unlock and open. 
  • P-wave automatic unlocking and opening of the rear door. 
  • Strange noises after prolonged use of the door latch. 
  • Irregular access with the door latch.

Model S Door Retraction Issues



The Tesla Model S boasts an impressive blend of aesthetics and high-tech features, making it a popular choice among electric vehicle enthusiasts. However, one recurring issue with this vehicle is its door retraction system. While it may look sleek and futuristic, there have been reports of problems associated with it. This article explores some common door retraction problems faced by Model S owners and offers insights into potential solutions.


1. Difficulty Popping the Door Drawer:

A prevalent issue encountered by Model S owners is the door drawer’s inability to pop out normally after parking. This can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to access your vehicle. To address this problem, consider the following steps:


– Check for any obstructions around the door mechanism.

– Ensure that the car is in “Park” mode before attempting to open the door.

– If the problem persists, contact us for professional assistance.


2. Door Retraction Problems:

Another common problem is when the door cannot be retracted after being pulled out. This issue can be disruptive to your daily routine and may require immediate attention:


– First, check for any visible damage or obstructions on the door’s exterior.

– Ensure that you’re following the correct door operation procedure as outlined in the owner’s manual.

– If the issue persists, consult us.


3. Failure to Unlock and Open:

In some instances, after the door pops out, it may not unlock and open properly when manually pulled. This issue can be inconvenient and pose safety concerns:


– Confirm that you are using the correct method to open the door. Tesla vehicles often utilize electronic mechanisms.

– Ensure that the vehicle’s key fob or mobile app is in close proximity to the car.

– If the problem continues, seek assistance from us (uktesla services).


4. Automatic Door Pop-Out and Unlock:

Among the most critical issues is the automatic door pop-out and simultaneous unlocking when pressing the “P” button to park. This situation poses a significant safety risk and requires immediate resolution:


– Avoid using the “P” button until the issue is addressed to prevent accidental door opening.


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