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Strict Maintenance Procedures

Focus on every tiny step​s

safety is the only

We focus on every tiny steps. Although each step is extremely small, and the owner may not see every construction step, we will still achieve 100 points with professionalism. To minimize security risks.

1. Use US-made screw fixing glue

2. According to the original factory assembly and disassembly SOP

3. Tighten the screws according to the torque of the original factory data

4. Use a torque wrench to tighten each screw according to the number of pounds (NM) specified by the original factory data

screw fixing glue

Features: It is a single liquid anaerobic adhesive hardening fixed sealant.

Features: After curing, it can withstand vibration, prevent loosening and leakage, high pressure resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, chemical solvent corrosion resistance, and no volatility.

Function: It can prevent the screw and the screw cap from loosening due to vibration of the machine, and at the same time, it has the effect of preventing leakage and sealing. The thread fixing sealant is applied to the thread before assembly or uses permeability to tightly match the products of the assembly machine. 1. The fixed screw, that is, completely fill the screw joint gap between the screw and the screw cap, to achieve a 100% complete and precise combination of the joint surface. After the glue is completely cured, it can prevent the screw from being corroded, rusted, stuck, and loosened by vibration , Prevent leakage, no shrinkage, no aging, and can resist chemical solvents, which will make the product safer, firmer, more stable and reduce the defect rate, bringing more complete quality and stability to the manufactured product.

torque wrench

Why use a torque wrench


Torque wrench is a tool. Torque is the product of force and distance. When tightening threaded fasteners such as screws, bolts and nuts, it is necessary to control the applied torque to ensure that the thread is fastened and the thread will not be damaged due to excessive torque. Therefore, use Torque wrench to operate.

Each screw has a separate torque requirement, even for screws of the same size, the torque requirements are different because of the difference in material and hardness.

Once the screw is over-torqued, it will stretch and the screw will be elongated. Although the amount of stretching may be less than one millimeter, metal fatigue has already occurred for the screw, and cracks have formed inside, but we cannot see it with the naked eye.

The most important thing is that almost everyone will use too much force when installing the screw, that is, stretch the bolt.

Screws are very important to cars, and play a decisive role in driving safety. Car maintenance is now a mixed bag, and many people start operating in the market without basic training, which has a great impact on the safety risks of car owners. To be safe and professional enough is to pay close attention to the details of each process maintenance.

Original factory assembly and disassembly: SOP

The purpose of the torque wrench, each screw will be tightened according to the torque of the original factory data

All parts assembly, disassembly and tightening are carried out in accordance with the original factory instructions and data, so as to ensure that the parts or surrounding parts will not be damaged or damaged by forceful or random assembly and disassembly in the aisle, which will increase the safety risk in serious cases.

The original factory has strict torque requirements for each rose.