Suspension repair

TESLA Air Suspension

TESLA air suspension are mainly divided into three types/three generations

We use MODEL S as a case

First generation manufactured before 2015

The second generation manufactured in April 2015-2016

3rd generation manufactured after April 2016

TESLA’s air suspension itself is a closed system. It mainly uses the nitrogen in the central RESERVOIR to deliver nitrogen to the four air suspension through the inflator, so as to raise/lower the height of your MS

This closed system is undeniably very convenient and practical from the user’s point of view, avoiding unnecessary damage to the bottom of the car, and the comfort is just as good as it is.

But this system is always composed of different modules, and any problem with any group will bring out more unexpected results.

First explain how the whole system works

First of all, the factory will pre-fill the central nitrogen cylinder with a certain pressure of nitrogen, and the computer will control the gas lever and valve to transmit nitrogen to different suspension according to the driver’s instruction on the large screen to increase the nitrogen. The nitrogen is from [ RESERVOIR] passes through [rubber pipeline] > compassor > sub-valve > suspension shock.

And when the driver instructs the computer on the large screen to lower the suspension, the air valve will open first, so that the nitrogen of the four shock absorbers can flow back into the central cylinder through the rubber pipe, but because the air pressure of the air suspension is always higher than The central RESERVOIR is low, so it is necessary to use the air compassor to pressurize it to return to the central RESERVOIR smoothly.

In summary, in my maintenance experience, TESLA’s air suspension have the following problems:

The central control screen will show a yellow/red car (there will be up and down arrows on the car)

models 底擔維修 避震維修 tesla維修 氣壓避震
models 底擔維修 避震維修 tesla維修 氣壓避震

1. When you press the height of the air suspension on the big screen, there will be a small circle on the big screen air suspension page, but the body will not rise or fall at all

2, The height of the air suspension will rise to the highest and higher height, and it will not stay down


3, There is obviously a huge gap between the left and right suspension heights of the front or rear

models 底擔維修 避震維修 tesla維修 氣壓避震
models 底擔維修 避震維修 tesla維修 氣壓避震

4, The height of the body has fallen to the lowest level, and the roof of the basic car has fallen into the fender.

models 底擔維修 避震維修 tesla維修 氣壓避震

5. The air suspension is fully inflated, and the vehicle feels that the vehicle has completely lost its air suspension function when passing the car

6. There is some air leakage in the air suspension system, which causes the system to continuously suck in air with moisture/impurities from the outside into the air suspension system, thus accelerating the damage of the air suspension system

All air suspension will encounter the above problems

Most people think that repairing the air suspension can completely solve the problem by replacing the parts.

But this system is not as simple as imagined.

1. According to the manufacturer’s SOP requirements, enough nitrogen must be pumped back, and ordinary air must not be pumped into the system with an electric pump, because TESLA’s air suspension is a closed system.

models 底擔維修 避震維修 tesla維修 氣壓避震

2. After replacing the parts, it is necessary to check the different interfaces, pipes, and every place may have the risk of air leakage. It is necessary to check for air leakage one by one.

After all, everyone’s TESLA has several years of mileage on the road. The rubber hose and the interface may be aging and leak air

models 底擔維修 避震維修 tesla維修 氣壓避震

3. After the parts are repaired, you must do a ride height calibrate with the TOOLBOX computer system of TESLA, so that the four suspension can go back to one factory

Set the height to prevent the system from appearing yellow/red cars due to numerical errors, and causing the car to be damaged again.

Suspension Repair

Air Suspension
The steam pressure cylinder was lost and leaked, there was a strange noise when driving, the steam pump was damaged, the AIR SUSP SOLENOID could not normally distribute the gas to the four Air Suspension shock, and the height induction was damaged.

traditional spring shock Suspension
The top of the tower is damaged, and there are irritating noises when driving, the shock Suspension leaks oil, and the dust is damaged.

Remarks: The shock Suspension has oil leakage and dust damage, which may cause the vehicle to fail the annual inspection, please pay attention